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In the event that you are having a hard time making up your mind, you can look for a professional marketer who will recommend a good home health care and home care marketing service provider like Senior Sales®.

Your business won’t survive on the basis of residual revenue of the present clients only. So, you must not ignore something as important as lead generation. You must make sure that you are relying on a proficient company to do lead generation for you.

The methods that used to be common earlier include direct mail marketing and fax marketing. But these methods don’t seem to work any longer. Executives have assistants especially hired to make sure that they do not receive unnecessary mails at their desks. This is where such mails get filtered and never reach the targeted consumer. This is one plan that is completely stale and do not work at all. Direct mailing can be effective only when a very small group of handpicked executives are selected and a mail of high quality and substance is sent to them. But, this again becomes very time consuming.

Senior sales located at: 2300 McDermott Dr Ste. 200-272, Plano TX 75025. There are various companies that you will come across online who claim to do effective telemarketing leads generation for you. These companies provide you with prospect lists. When you go to look for them online, you will find so many sources. But, you must be careful in choosing the source. These companies charge you to access their database on a yearly basis or a monthly basis. Be sure of the data field the list provider has to offer. You must also be clear about the frequency at which the data is validated and refreshed.


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Diabetic sales leads Tel: 1-800-656-2426. Our systems work in such a way that if you try to contact a client who has already been contacted before, then we would be able to alert you to not proceed with that particular contact.

A certain diabetic list of this kind where clients should not be contacted again, is the ‘Do not call after 90 days’ list. Such lists have many characteristics. To start with, one needs to know the time duration within which the agent is expected to contact a specific client. This means that agents should be able to organize themselves and their schedules in such a manner that they should be able to contact the client as per the client’s expectations and within the time duration specified.

If the agent receives organized lists, then he or she would be able to schedule their time properly in accordance with their lists.

Rex Agreement Quick Reviews

According to the latest reviews, you should never think that reverse mortgage is a kind of commitment, advance or controversial payment. It is a sort of real estate asset through which you cash your fair home means instantly. Cash received as an agreement is free of interest and there are no further payments required to next party.


The method of agreement is, companies make investment at your home and you are provided with a certain amount at once. All rights of the home remain reserved and you live as ever before. There are no additional funds and payments applied. Till the time you pay legal taxes and other payments and agree with the REX agreement terms, you owe nothing. The agreement is related to a particular portion of the house and company gets the share when we are about to sale the property under agreement. The purpose of giving you certain amount is to agree a deal that company will take certain share of profit earned by improving value of specified portion. This portion can range 20%-50% of the house.

Advantages of REX Agreement

1.    Agreement ends when we decide to sale the house. Company has got a portion in profit or loss of the sale price. If sale price has increased you owe them a specific amount, from the profit percentage. But in case of decreased value they are awarded nothing. So simply, it is a sort of business with long term results.
2.    The major advantage is use of personal belonging for long term benefit. You can get money using a simple business agreement. According to this agreement you are at safe side and there are supplementary chances of earning profit. Received amount can be used for personal as well as welfare purpose. It is our personal asset which can be used to improved house, payback loan and supporting income etc.

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REX Agreement Leads for mortgage professionals.

Tel: 1-800-656-2426, Rex Agreement leads (Real Estate Exchange Agreement leads) are generated by Senior Sales in the form of scheduled appointments and telemarketing leads. Senior Sales generating leads for Mortgage professionals and Real Estate agents since 1999 and rated A+ in Better Business Bureau.

Senior Marketing have been generating Reverse Mortgage Leads, Mortgage Refinance Leads, and now Rex Agreement sales leads 100 percent exclusive and at low cost.

Types of REX Agreement Marketing

FIRST type of REX Marketing Sales Lead.

First and most popular type of REX Marketing is the lead in the form of set appointments. Telemarketing Company will schedule appointment for mortgage or real estate professional in the comfort of the prospect’s home. In this case 55 years old plus prospective will be waiting on the professional to hear regarding REX program and how they will be able to get a lump-sum without refinancing or losing their home.

Second type of REX Marketing Sales Lead.

Senior Sales will schedule a conference call between real estate/mortgage professional and interesting to hear about REX Agreement plan prospective client. Usually these type of Marketing is less expensive than set appointments, since a caller usually spending less time to schedule phone interview than physical appointment.

For more information regarding REX Agreement Marketing call toll free: Tel: 1-800-656-2426.

REX Agreement vs Reverse Mortgage

Is a REX Agreement the same plan as Reverse Mortgage?

A REX Agreement is by no mean a reverse mortgage, a loan or any kind of debt. It is an agreement of real estate investment that lets the individuals to convert a part of their home equities into immediate cash. Since the amount of money is not a debt, so no interest is charged on it and the customers need not to make any kind of the monthly payments ever. In the starting of REX Agreement, an investment is made in the house of the customer on the payment of lump-sum cash. At the same time, the customer can move into the home and start his life. This way the customers can continue to enjoy all the advantages of having their own homes, including the tax advantages.

Unlike loans, there is no burden like monthly payments for making to the Senior Investments for gaining access to the home equity. The customers just have to make sure that they pay all their mortgage payments, insurance, real estate taxes, and all the other obligations that may become lien on their homes. They also need to abide by all the provisions of REX Agreement. As long as the customers follow these guidelines, they do no need to make any payments until their REX Agreement comes to an end.

The payment of lump sum amount does not mean that a portion of home is owned by the REX & Company. Instead, in the exchange for cash a customer receives, the company would earn returns on their investment exactly equal to the share of change in the value of the home as agreed with the customer. It totally depends on the customer on how much share he is comfortable with.

The REX Agreement usually ends when the customer decides to sell his home. The company receives a part of the proceeds of sale. If the value of home increases, they make good money and if the value of home decreases, they lose their investment money.  With this agreement, customers have finally found a way for gaining access to a portion of their home equity without even taking on any kind of additional debt. The customers can use this cash for any other purposes like supplementing the retirement income, reducing the debts or even making home improvements.

About Rex Agreement

The REX Agreement is not a loan, it is not a reverse mortgage, and in fact it is not debt of any kind.

rexagreementIt is a real estate investment agreement that enables you to convert a portion of your home equity into immediate cash.  The cash you receive from Senior Investments is not debt, so there is no interest, and you make no monthly payments to Senior Investments – ever.

At the start of the REX Agreement, we invest in your home by making a lump-sum cash payment to you.  You continue living in your home, and you continue to enjoy the advantages of owning your home, including any tax advantages.  Unlike a loan, there are no burdensome monthly payments to make to Senior Investments in order to gain access to your home equity.  As long as you pay your mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, and any other obligations that are or may become a lien on your home, and abide by the provisions of the REX Agreement, you make no payments to us of any kind until the REX Agreement ends.

  • The lump sum payment we give to you at the start does not mean we own a part of your home today.  Instead, in exchange for the cash you receive, you agree that we will earn a return on our investment equal to a share of the change in value of your home.  You decide how much you are comfortable sharing (from 20% to 50%).  The more you share, the more cash you can receive.
  • The REX Agreement typically ends when you decide to sell your home.  At that time, we typically receive a portion of the sale proceeds.  Our return on our investment can be positive or negative.  If your home increases in value, we make money on our investment.  If your home decreases in value, we typically lose money on our investment.  It’s that simple.
  • Finally, there is a way for you to access a portion of your home equity without taking on any additional debt!  You can use the cash for any purpose you choose, from supplementing retirement income, to making home improvements, to reducing debt.